Lake County's 1st Non-Traditional School

Building Futures Academy and Preschool  25541 Sorrento Avenue  Sorrento, FL 32776  (352) 735-4400

For over TEN years, the teachers and staff at Building Futures Academy and Preschool, formerly Building Blocks CDC, have been hand selected for their passion for teaching and love for children! Teachers are certified in Early Childhood Education as well as First Aid & CPR every two years. 


  Our top quality program has allowed us the honor of scoring very highly on yearly quality assessments, well above the county's minimum requirements for care and education. Beginning at the age of two, our children are exposed to Sign Language as a form of communication. Spanish is introduced in the preschool classrooms beginning at age two. 

The learning environment is structured so that each and every child has access to materials that are best suited for his or her own learning style. Children have many opportunities throughout the day to choose their activities, as well as small and large group projects and outdoor playtime! At Building Futures we strive to keep the children clean at all times, and children's belongings remain in their own cubbies.


Ms. Minta


  Our Program structure at Building Futures Academy is based upon the Creative Curriculum for Preschool. However, we believe that children benefit more by having exposure to many different learning materials. Due to the extensive backgrounds of our teaching staff, we are fortunate to have many, many years of hands-on experience using different curriculum, which allows us to pick and choose they very best parts from several, to develop the best programs available.

Our mission is to develop the whole child, from manners and character building, to academic excellence, and from independence and self confidence; to love and nurture them to provide a solid foundation for a successful future. 

Play Ground Areas

We have two separate playground areas to accommodate preschoolers and academy/school age children separately to allow for free exploration without restraint, and for younger children to play safely. These outdoor discovery areas are fully equipped with fans, outdoor positive music, misters, outdoor eating areas, and shade. 

Health and Safety

Your child's safety is our number one concern! Our campus has security cameras in each classroom, outside playgrounds, and continuous monitoring of the entire gated campus. We pride ourselves on our very clean, safe, and positive environment!


Meals are prepared at home and brought in daily. We encourage you to include a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for two healthy snacks, as well as a well-balanced lunch each day. Utensils and drinks must be provided as well, however water is available to the children with each morning snack, throughout the day in the classroom and during outside play time, during lunch, and afternoon snack/outside time. School lunches are ordered daily from the IGA food truck for additonal costs. ($2.50 for a small portion & $5.00 for adult portion) - Lunch Menu is posted in Application!