Lake County's 1st Non-Traditional School

Building Futures Academy and Preschool  25541 Sorrento Avenue  Sorrento, FL 32776  (352) 735-4400

Our Curriculum Choices and Reasons

Accelerated Christian Education

     After much research, deliberation, and testimonials of successful people who learned through the ACE/PACE program, we have decided that this will be our school-wide choice for our core curriculum for the 2021-2022 school year. This was not a decision made in haste. We really want to lift our students up to the next level of learning, to enable them to move forward with truly individualized learning, and maximize their experience of Skill Level learning, rather than assigned Grade Levels of instruction.

The students will be assessed through a placement test into their level of reading and math that is comfortable for them, to build confidence of success, yet challenge the students to think more critically.

Parents will be able to physically see the work being completed and have more confidence in the program as they begin to fill-in Gaps in Learning. Get ready to watch your child transform!

Parent- Teacher Conferences will be held every nine weeks to show you the student's work, areas of struggle, and mastering of skills. 

But Hold on... There's More!

1. There will be more opportunities for hands-on activities and experiments!

2. We will have more opportunities to strategically plan for educationally based virtual field trips.

3. More opportunities for Electives will be available upon completion of all Gaps in Learning.