Lake County's 1st Non-Traditional School

Building Futures Academy and Preschool  25541 Sorrento Avenue  Sorrento, FL 32776  (352) 735-4400

  Our Accelerated Christian Education trains youth up in God's Word, to build a strong, solid, Christian foundation so that when they are older they will not part from it. Our students are advanced and work independently at their own pace and on individual skill level in each subject area. Instructors are encouraging, motivating, and positive with the students and offer individual assistance when they struggle.

The setting is relaxed and non-threatening as systems are in place to guide the students to succeed in learning! Come see the difference and why are students LOVE school again, even in Middle and High School levels!   


"Thank You for the ongoing assessment of the best plan for students. It is very refreshing to have flexibility and not have to conform to one size fits all mentality. Thank you for having swings at your school and allowing children to run freely on the playground. Thank you for snack time and social time. And absolutely thank you for prayer time. These simple things were taken from my daughter in the public school or never afforded and I am grateful every day for these simple things that bring her joy." -Kristin R.

"We are so excited we found your school! Your love and dedication to children is so evident. I feel the sincerity and desire you feel toward education and improving the system for our kids and for all students in general. I commend you for starting this school program and for giving our kids an opportunity to be taught the way they should be... at their own pace and their level. You are bringing back the fun in the classroom yet meeting academic needs at the same time. You are an answer to my prayers and an answer to my many night worrying over my daughter. I feel at peace now and am grateful to you. God help you as you bless the students and give back what public school took away from them." - Bobby & Diane W.